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Lives without End

Based on current estimates of the amount of matter in the universe, the scientific consensus is that the universe will expand forever. But if our estimates change, it may turn out that the universe expands, contracts, expands, and so on.


Faith without Action

There is no universal agreement on what it takes to be a Christian. Here is the view of the Epistle of James. Which also happens to be my view.

The text spoken by God is taken almost word for word from the Letter of James in the wonderful book, God is Disappointed in You, where Mark Russell brilliantly summarizes each book in the Bible. Russell’s brief summary of the entire Bible is that God is disappointed in you.



Easter seems like a good time for this comic. Christians have always tried to make sense of why Jesus had to die, and forgiveness seems to be the leading theory.

For another take on Easter, see last year’s Easter comic.