Climate Change, Politics

The Warming World

The cats love to watch the hypocrisy of governments, all claiming they will take action to prevent a rise in global temperature, but none willing to actually take the necessary actions.

Of course, there are always a few individuals willing to go off the grid, go solar, ride bicycles, never travel to foreign lands, but there are not enough of them to make the slightest difference to rising temperatures.

Capitalism, Climate Change, Immigration, Politics

The World to Come

The Presidency of the U.S. will (hopefully) change peacefully in two days. But the problem of authoritarian, anti-democratic leaders is not going away.

Democracy doesn’t always work well when there are big problems, and powerful vested interests resisting change. To understand why problems don’t get addressed, it’s always worth asking Cui Bono? Who benefits from the status quo? Whether the benefit is money, power, or status.

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