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Not My Fault

In Britain the new Prime Minister, the darling of a handful of rich, old, white men, is trying to impose slash and burn policies on a country that didn’t elect her and doesn’t want those policies.

The song by The Last Resort was about Margaret Thatcher, and since Liz Truss is attempting to follow in Thatcher’s footsteps I felt it was okay to change the name in the song 😄.

My Books. In particular, if you enjoy the religious comics, you might like A God of Manageable Size.

Brexit, Politics

The Will of the Dead People

In the Brexit vote, older people voted to Leave but the young voted overwhelmingly to Remain. Since the vote, many older people have died and many young people have become old enough to vote. If the vote was held now, with no one changing their vote, the country would probably vote to Remain in the E.U.