Just F***ing Do It

It will soon be the New Year. The cats have some advice for those people who will be making New Year’s Resolutions.

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4 thoughts on “Just F***ing Do It

  1. So right on! As many of the cats are. I once saw a great t-shirt in Canada that was the asics shoe symbol that said ‘don’t just do it, do it right” I always thought that was a cute twist.

    I hope you and Tanya have a wonderful 2023 and hopefully we’ll meet up somewhere on the continent.

    Cheers, David.

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  2. I came up with that saying when I was in high school, before Nike came out with “just do it”. However my saying, not being a marketing genius was “there is only one way to do it and that’s to do it”. In fact that was my mantra in high school and really throughout my life. I do like your version of it however. It’s like my name is Christopher F Bidwell and when people ask me what the F stands for I like to say “fucking”.

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  3. So true when it comes to doing good things. Unfortunately there are people in the world who have bad desires and for them to just do it, is wrong. That Canadian t-shirt that David mentioned is better with a bit of a twist….don’t just do it, do what’s right.

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