5 thoughts on “The Happiness Paradox

  1. Really? Want to connect with people with integrity and intelligence who seems hard to come by. There are a plenty of people who rarely reciprocate, so the encounter is best kept at point of contact so that I can maintain my calm, content and happy state in my bubble of no expectation!

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    1. The comic is not suggesting you have to connect with or like everyone. Some people are simply jerks. But caring about the non-jerks and being interested in them, is better for your happiness than focusing purely on yourself.


  2. Trying the new comment technique, replying to the email. Yes, I agree with the bear. Conversely, I don’t particularly like being around people that are completely selfless pleasers.

    Mark mark@markmcintyre.me | Voice/Text 303-641-4664

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    1. The comic is suggesting that being interested in other people and helping other people is more satisfying than pure self-focus. But that doesn’t mean you have to like or be interested in everyone.


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