2 thoughts on “Fighting Wildfires

  1. Yes. Although there are house fires everywhere and it’s a socialized service to have fire departments. Big fires use to be more prevalent in the cities, and now it’s the reverse. Now there are so many of us in the population we have spread into the hills in greater numbers. And with climate change it’s a double-whammy.

    The shitty thing about most insurance policies is that they effectively force the homeowner to put a replacement rebuild in the same terrible spot to get the claim reasonably paid. Most policies are replacement and not cash. If you try to cash out a replacement policy then they only pay a small fraction of the claim unless you successfully sue. So instead most people rebuild even if they sell it for the cash afterwards. I pay a premium to a premium insurance company to have a cash-out policy after hearing horror stories. And yea, BTW, my insurance comes with private fire service… how much or how effective would be a moving target. I got contacted by insurance company response while I was fighting the Calwood fire this fall; kinda cool.

    Forest firefighting is the historical result of a strategy by the US Forest Service to justify its existence by protecting lumber resources, and now forests are overgrown.

    I’m just rambling and not saying so because I’m in love with the fire department. More like love-hate, with enough love lost that I continually consider quitting b/c of the health of the organization.

    But I do like the view!

    Lateron – REB

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