Low Quality Images in the Cat World Email

It seems that some people get a very low-quality image in the Cat World email, where the text is almost unreadable.

The image on the web site is high resolution. If you click the blue title above the image in the email, you will go to the website where you can see the Cat World image in all its glory.

Apparently WordPress sometimes compresses the image it sends out to meet some unknown parameters. I hadn’t noticed the image degradation in the email as I use Yahoo Mail which seems to maintain most of the image quality.

Some people who use Gmail, on the other hand, appear to get horrible image quality. All this suggests that either WordPress compresses the image differently based on the destination email system, or that the destination email system also does its own image compression. Or something else. If anyone has any knowledge of what actually happens I’d love to hear back.

In the meantime, if you can’t easily read the text in the Cat World email, click on the blue title above the image and you will be taken to CatWorld.blog where the text is readable 🙂


Cat World is now on Instagram

On the advice of people far wiser than I, Cat World will now also appear on Instagram. The Instagram name is catworldcomic as catworld was taken long ago. I’ll be posting both on this blog and on Instagram. Over time I’ll also migrate older Cat World posts to Instagram. Whichever medium you view, I hope you continue to enjoy Cat World as much as I enjoy creating it.