The Wonder Drug

Metformin is the wonder drug! It prevents aging! You’ll live forever!

If you are interested in Metformin, here is a book called Age Later, written by a doctor who specializes in aging, and who is very excited about Metformin. And here are a few articles: Here’s a study about Metformin as a Tool to Target Aging. Here’s an article in The New York Times suggesting you Think Twice before taking Metformin. Here’s an article by Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, about why he stopped taking Metformin. Here’s a study about Metformin and sleep disorders. Here’s an article about whether Metformin affects sexual dysfunction. Here’s an article about how Metformin is not so good for aerobic exercise. And another even more interesting article about Metformin and exercise.

2 thoughts on “The Wonder Drug

  1. Seems really stupid that people would take this drug for longevity when the longevity effect has not been studied and proved in human trials while the side effects of the drug are serious and proven! To lower blood sugar, eat a high fiber diet such as a lot of greens and oats

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