Voting Rights

With Georgia recently passing a new law restricting voting rights, the cats thought it was about time to lecture you about voting rights.

America claims to have the longest standing democracy, but it didn’t allow women to vote until 1920. Blacks were officially allowed to vote in 1870 but so many obstacles were placed in their way that their ability to vote didn’t become fully realized until the Voting Rights Act in 1965. In 2010 the Supreme Court allowed unlimited spending by corporations on political campaigns. In 2013 the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act, then in 2020 it allowed states to set their own rules for federal elections. Republican states immediately took advantage of this ruling to pass laws restricting voting rights.

If you are interested in this subject, sometimes the best perspective comes from an outsider. Here is an article about America’s flawed democracy. Here’s another article that says American democracy is hanging by a thread. And one that suggests America should start acting like a democracy. And here’s a Wikipedia page that show the democracy index of all the countries.

If you are interested specifically about voter suppression, here’s an article about 7 signs of voter suppression, and here is one listing 61 forms of voter suppression.

This comic was just about voting rights, but other things that contribute to America’s designation of “flawed democracy” include the Electoral College, the over-representation of small states in the Senate, and the unlimited money in elections.

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