3 thoughts on “Scheduling Time

  1. sorry but can’t agree. Scheduling only works well if all goes according to the schedule. Example”. Scheduled the removal of and replacement of carpet in master bedroom. Real estate consultant says must have all 3 bedrooms and hallway the same flooring. Decide go with hardwood. And of course have to go with white trim to match the new windows. . So remove all baseboards, 4 sets of closet doors. 5 doors. Sand, prime, sand, 2 coats trim paint. Then need update door handles. Buy brushed nickel to replace old gold….should be easy but no, the little hole for the bolt is 3/4 in and the new hardware is all 1 in. The guy who is helping with the hardwood installation accidently ripped the bathroom flooring…need to replace that now . Different level so need to do something special about raising the toilet…….need I go on about schedules!!! Where did my tennis schedule fit into all this?


    1. I think you are rather missing the point. This is about trying to do the things we want to do, but which are difficult, so we instead waste our time reading articles on the web and on FB. Setting a schedule so we can draw, or paint, or write, or practice the piano between, say 9 and 11 am, gives us the structure to actually do those things. Renovating a house – well, if someone else is doing it you are rather dependent on their schedule. If you are doing it, you can schedule “renovation work” for 9-11 and 2-5, then schedule your tennis from 12-4 or whatever. I don’t think you can realistically schedule down to the level of “this is when I’ll put on the second coat of trim paint.” That way madness lies.


  2. I know what you mean. I have been trying to start doing yoga and do it regularly.
    Cynthia told me yesterday that I just have to make it part of my routine like going to the gym.
    I’m doing it! I just have to finish my kayaking post to Instagram first…

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